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Billiard vs Computer

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There are 2 modes available in this game: 8 Ball pool (American billiard) and 9 ball pool. You can play against the computer. The computer intelligence is smart and plays well. Excellent ball physics. Convenient control on your phone. You will definitely like it.

How to play

8 Ball Pool (American billiards or American)

  1. The goal of the American game is to pocket all your balls (striped or painted) faster than your opponent.
  2. The type of balls you play with is chosen after breaking the pyramid. The type of ball that you or your opponent will pocket is will distribute who plays with what balls.
  3. After you have pocketed all your balls, you need to pocket the last, black ball.
  4. Be careful! If you pocket the black eight before pocketing your balls, you will lose instantly.

9 Ball Pool

  1. The goal of the 9 ball game is to pocket 9 different balls.
  2. During the strike, the white ball (cue ball) must hit the ball with the lowest number.
  3. It is not necessary to pocket the balls in numerical order, you can use combinations by pocketing other balls using the ball with the lowest number
  4. The first one to pocket the ninth ball wins.


Web browser (desktop and mobile devices)


Mouse: Press the left mouse button and adjust the direction and force of the blow, and then release.
Keyboard: Arrows, Enter or Space, to select the direction and force of the blow. Button "P" - pause the game.
Phone: Tap on the phone screen to select the direction and direction of impact